If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, We Build A Door
When you invest in PMI Cares, you’re supporting smart giving and effective interventions throughout the United States or wherever a PMI franchise is located.

This foundation promotes PMI business owners to be leaders
and thriving humanitarians that give back to their own
communities and markets.

Tackling homelessness, hunger or any other large social problem in general is too wide a net to cast alone. PMI Cares assists our franchisees in identifying and then contributing to the social needs of their choice in their own communities and markets. PMI Cares is dedicated to partnering, researching and contributing to charities and programs that make the most impactful and sustainable difference. Without rigorous evidence about what works and what doesn’t in the nonprofit sector, unfortunately donations don’t always go towards the most impactful programs that improve life for the people who need our help the most.

Partnering or contributing to PMI Cares is a sure way to know that your donations are making the most impact.


PMI Cares mission is to assist in identifying the social needs within the PMI franchisee communities and assist monetarily with our PMI Cares Match Program, and in establishing partnerships with their local Non Profits, local government leaders and legislatures in co-serving in their communities.


Our vision and objective is to work with the PMI franchisees in their communities to come up with fundraising opportunities, ideas and projects to sustain, educate and empower the vulnerable ‘at risk groups of their choice until they are self-sufficient and or change is sustainable.


It is our foundations belief and part of our over-all values that sustainable change is built through leadership and education. While Property Management Inc. is already in the business of creating and supporting property management industry leaders; it is PMI Cares initiative to build opportunities for our PMI franchisees to serve and lead in their own communities. 

Our Programs

How PMI Cares Works.

PMI Cares Match Program

Each individual Franchisee that wants to participate with PMI Cares programs will find service projects i.e. NPO’s that are currently helping and serving in their local communities. They will come up with a personal donation or a fundraising event and apply for the PMI Cares match. Once the project and NPO of their choice have been vetted and the project approved, PMI Cares will supply that franchisee the monetary match to their donation.


PMI Cares has a dedicated grant writer that is committed to accessing and creating funds from our local, state and federal government to help fund our PMI Cares Match Program.

Bi-Annual Fundraisers

PMI Cares hosts 2 large bi-annual fundraising events to provide income for our PMI Cares Match Program.

Annual PMI Cares Day

PMI Cares Day is August
11th, 2023 this year.

All are invited to
participate with a local
non profit or do good
organization of your
choosing!!! If we all do
a little we can do so

Opportunities Don't Happen,
We Create Them!

It is PMI Cares vision to support and evoke sustainable change in every community, state and country that has a Property Management Inc. Franchise.

PMI Cares is dedicated to support and evoke sustainable change in every community, state and country that has a Property Management Inc. Franchise.  “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” – Martin Luther King Jr.